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Vacancy Details

Job Title
Senior Communications & Branding Officer
Job Description

The duties and responsibilities of the officer will entail:

  1. Developing, managing and overseeing implementation of communication and branding strategy and policy;
  2. Managing corporate events;
  3. Developing and managing information, education and communication materials;
  4. Ensuring a positive corporate image of the Centre;
  5. Managing corporate communications;
  6. Managing and providing media liaison services; and
  7. Developing, managing and overseeing implementation of corporate social responsibility programs.
Job Specification

For appointment to this grade, a candidate must:

  1. Have at least four (4) years relevant work experience;
  2. Have Bachelors degree in Communication or its equivalent qualification from a recognized institution,
  3. Masters degree in a relevant field will be an added advantage;
  4. Have Professional qualification and membership where applicable;
  5. Demonstrated results in work performance; and
  6. Fulfil the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution.

Key Competencies and skills

  1. Organizational skills;
  2. Public Relations skills;
  3. Good communication and reporting skills;
  4. Interpersonal skills; and
  5. Integrity.
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Advert Ref
15th August 2022